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Mar-2015A habitat suitability model for capybara (hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) at its core area in ArgentinaSchivo, Facundo Mauro ; Kandus, Patricia ; Bolkovic, María Luisa ; Minotti, Priscilla Gail ; Gonzalez Trilla, Gabriela Liliana ; Quintana, Ruben Dario 
May-2015Multi-scale analysis of environmental constraints on macrophyte distribution, floristic groups and plant diversity in the Lower Paraná River floodplainMorandeira, Natalia Soledad ; Kandus, Patricia 
Oct-2015NDVI patterns as indicator of morphodynamic activity in the Middle Paraná River floodplain.Marchetti, Zuleica Yael ; Minotti, Priscilla ; Ramonell, Carlos Guillermo ; Schivo, Facundo ; Kandus, Patricia 
Dec-2015Species richness and functional groups of angiosperms from the Paraná River Delta region (Argentina)Madanes, Nora ; Quintana, Ruben Dario ; Kandus, Patricia ; Bó, Roberto Fabián 
2018Vivir sin humedales.Kandus, Patricia ; Minotti, Priscilla Gail