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Perez Coll, Cristina Silvia
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2015Differential Uptake of Endosulfan in the South American Toad Under Sublethal ExposureSvartz, Gabriela Veronica ; Marino, Damian Jose Gabriel ; Ronco, Alicia Estela ; Perez Coll, Cristina Silvia 
2Aug-2014Developmental toxicity and risk assessment of nonylphenol to the South American toad, Rhinella arenarum.Aronzon, Carolina Mariel ; Babay, Paola Alejandra ; Perez Coll, Cristina Silvia 
3Sep-2015Abatement of toxicity of effluents containing Cr(VI) by heterogeneous photocatalysis. Toxicity assessment by AMPHITOX assayHojman, Jonatan Y. ; Meichtry, Jorge Martin ; Litter, Marta Irene ; Perez Coll, Cristina Silvia