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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2015Multi-scale analysis of environmental constraints on macrophyte distribution, floristic groups and plant diversity in the Lower Paraná River floodplainMorandeira, Natalia Soledad ; Kandus, Patricia 
Feb-2016Facile synthesis of cobalt ferrite nanotubes using bacterial nanocellulose as templateMenchaca Nal, Sandra ; Londoño Calderon, Cesar Leandro ; Cerrutti, Patricia ; Foresti, María Laura ; Pampillo, Laura Gabriela ; Bilovol, Vitaliy ; Candal, Roberto Jorge ; Martinez Garcia, Ricardo 
Oct-2015Chemical, structural and hyperfine characterization of goethites with simultaneous incorporation of manganese, cobalt and aluminum ionsAlvarez, Mariana ; Tufo, Ana Elisabeth ; Zenobi, Maria Cristina ; Ramos, Cinthia Paula ; Sileo, Elsa Ester 
Mar-2015Self-Organizing Maps for Imputation of Missing Data in Incomplete Data MatricesFolguera, Laura ; Zupan, Jure ; Cicerone, Daniel ; Magallanes, Jorge 
Sep-2015Abatement of toxicity of effluents containing Cr(VI) by heterogeneous photocatalysis. Toxicity assessment by AMPHITOX assayHojman, Jonatan Y. ; Meichtry, Jorge Martin ; Litter, Marta Irene ; Perez Coll, Cristina Silvia 
Aug-2014Developmental toxicity and risk assessment of nonylphenol to the South American toad, Rhinella arenarum.Aronzon, Carolina Mariel ; Babay, Paola Alejandra ; Perez Coll, Cristina Silvia 
Oct-2015NDVI patterns as indicator of morphodynamic activity in the Middle Paraná River floodplain.Marchetti, Zuleica Yael ; Minotti, Priscilla ; Ramonell, Carlos Guillermo ; Schivo, Facundo ; Kandus, Patricia 
Feb-2015Influence of the spray pyrolysis seeding and growth parameters on the structure and optical properties of ZnO nanorod arraysRodríguez, Juan ; Feuillet, Guy ; Donatini, Fabrice ; Onna, Diego Ariel ; Sanchez, Luis ; Candal, Roberto Jorge ; Marchi, María Claudia ; Aldabe, Sara Alfonsina ; Chandezon, Frédéric 
Jul-2015Ecosystem loss assessment following hydroelectric dam flooding: The case of Yacyretá; ArgentinaBauni, Valeria ; Schivo, Facundo ; Capmourteres, Virginia ; Homberg, Marina 
Jun-2015El Centro de Investigaciones ToxicológicasCastro, Gerardo Daniel 
Jun-2015Enfermedad de Chagas : Contribuciones del Centro de Investigaciones ToxicológicasCastro, Jose Alberto ; Montalto de Mecca, María ; Diaz Gomez, Maria Isabel ; Castro, Gerardo Daniel 
Jun-2015Mecanismos involucrados en el cáncer de mama por consumo de alcohol y alternativas para su prevenciónCastro, Gerardo Daniel ; Maciel, María Eugenia ; Quintans, Leandro Néstor ; Castro, Jose Alberto 
Nov-2015Enhanced As (V) Adsorption Properties in Sn-Substituted Goethites - Changes in Chemical Reactivity and Surface CharacteristicsLarralde, Ana Laura ; Tufo, Ana Elisabeth ; Morando, Pedro Juan ; Sileo, Elsa Ester 
Dec-2015Species richness and functional groups of angiosperms from the Paraná River Delta region (Argentina)Madanes, Nora ; Quintana, Ruben Dario ; Kandus, Patricia ; Bó, Roberto Fabián 
Jun-2015Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanorod Films on PET for Photocatalytic Disinfection of WaterSánchez, Luis Ángel ; Guz, Lucas Martín ; García, Pilar ; Ponce, Silvia ; Goyanes, Silvia ; Marchi, María Claudia ; Candal, Roberto ; Rodriguez, Juan 
Mar-2015A habitat suitability model for capybara (hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) at its core area in ArgentinaSchivo, Facundo Mauro ; Kandus, Patricia ; Bolkovic, María Luisa ; Minotti, Priscilla Gail ; Gonzalez Trilla, Gabriela Liliana ; Quintana, Ruben Dario 
Aug-2015Effect of Cooling Rate and Temperature Cycles on Polymorphic Behavior of Sunflower Oil Stearins for Applications as Trans-fat Alternatives in FoodsHerrera, Maria Lidia ; Rodríguez Batiller, María Jose ; Rincón Cardona, Jaime A. ; Agudelo Laverde, Lina Marcela ; Martini, Silvana ; Candal, Roberto Jorge 
Sep-2015The role of river drainages in shaping the genetic structure of capybara populationsByrne, María Soledad ; Quintana, Ruben Dario ; Bolkovic, María Luisa ; Cassini, Marcelo Hernan ; Tunez, Juan Ignacio 
Jun-2015Landscape-driven environmental variability largely determines abiotic characteristics and phytoplankton patterns in peat bog pools (Tierra del Fuego, Argentina)Mataloni, Maria Gabriela ; Gonzalez Garraza, Gabriela Carolina ; Vinocur, Alicia Liliana 
Jul-2015Differential Uptake of Endosulfan in the South American Toad Under Sublethal ExposureSvartz, Gabriela Veronica ; Marino, Damian Jose Gabriel ; Ronco, Alicia Estela ; Perez Coll, Cristina Silvia 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27